Feng Shui for Prosperity


Do you like money? While asking that question might seem like I am making the opening statement in a pyramid scheme pitch, striving for wealth is almost a universal goal for people. Try using these feng shui tips to enhance your personal prosperity.

Not all of these tips necessarily apply to the home, but are things to consider regardless. Firstly, remember to “honor your money”. Respect those special slips of paper that sit comfortably in your pocket by taking good care of them. Flatten each bill and be sure that all of them are facing in the same direction. Then, stack them in either ascending or descending order of their denomination. All of these things will help you in a practical sense by making it easier to find the right amount of money quickly, as well as preventing yourself from dropping stray bills on the ground when grabbing things from your pocket.

Of course, they wouldn’t tumble out of your pocket if you have a wallet for them to call home. If you do not have one, invest in one. Purchase the nicest one that you can personally afford. This will give you a feeling of being wealthier every time you pull it out. The same rules of clutter that apply in your home also apply in your wallet – get rid of it. Keep your wallet clean and organized. Try your best to always keep cash in your wallet. It may be only a small amount, but keep it on you to promote prosperity.

Now I will take things back to the home. The Southeast corner of your home or office is considered the wealth and prosperity area. This is not necessarily where you take care of your financials, but taking care of this area will promote that wealth which we are all after. The feng shui element for this area is wood and its colors are blues, greens, and browns. Being wood, you should avoid the use of things associated with fire elements in this area. Bring in live plants or a water feature to give it a loost of energy.

Feng Shui Home Office - Photo: dbesthomedesign.com

Feng Shui Home Office - Photo: dbesthomedesign.com

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