Dinner with a Side of Feng Shui


If you are like me, you love food. It is a love we have all shared since even before birth. If we are hungry enough, sometimes we don’t even care where in the home we dine or we might even grab the quickest snack while on the run.  However, as often as possible, a meal should be shared with good friends and family. I fondly remember family dinners from my childhood.  Whether MAD  MEN style with Dad still at the office or big Sunday dinners at Nana’s house, along with good food and conversation, there was generally an etiquette lesson.  I know families have less time for those dinners now but we should all make a point to do more of them.  Luckily in the design world we have a special room for that – the Dining Room!

One way to quickly sum up the feng shui of the dining room is as follows: rectangular room with a round table. To elaborate, let’s begin with the rectangular room. An enclosed dining room is ideal to provide an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. Closing this room off from others also eliminates the chances of distraction and promotes conversation between the occupants. A round table assists in the smooth flow of energy through the space. If a square or rectangular table works better for your particular room, be sure to acquire a table with rounded edges. The same roundness can be used in plates and bowls to achieve that flow, but ultimately all specific shapes revolve around your personal preference.  Play around with it and see if a few curves smooth things out in your home.  According to feng shui, a round table will always improve relations.

Round Dining Table - Photo: Gandana.com

Round Dining Table - Photo: Gandana.com

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